CD Packaging & DVD Packaging Solutions

First 4 Packaging provides comprehensive packaging solutions for all multimedia and custom packaging requirements. We will guide you through the various kinds of CD card packaging, bespoke DVD packaging, direct mail CD mailers, USB packaging, and all manner of custom creative packaging.
Don’t forget that if you need discs we also offer comprehensive CD duplication services.

DVD cases are our speciality, though whilst we specialise in DVD packaging and CD packaging design, we have years of experience in manufacturing and designing folders, bespoke boxes and other specialist packaging not necessarily for the purpose of holding a CD or DVD. And don’t forget we also supply eco packaging for discs and other items.

From the time that the Compact Disc first hit the market, there have been endless developments in CD packaging, and a whole host of accessories resulting in a myriad of CD jewel cases, DVD cases, clam shells (or CShells), plastic CD and DVD cases and boxes of all shapes and sizes to carry CD booklets, inlay cards, DVD booklets and sleeves, printed manuals and other items from USB’s to toys.

When it comes to it, one disc is very much like another, and we say that despite being on of the UK’s leading CD Duplication suppliers . Of course you can have a vinyl look disc, fragrant disc, shaped CD or 8CM mini DVD and a few more, but the choice of DVD packaging and CD packaging available is almost endless, and if you cant find anything that fits your requirements, you can always create your own packaging design for bespoke CD packaging.
With the huge amount of choice of DVD cases and CD cases, the chances are that something suitable will exist. With the options of plastic, card, tin, vacuum formed packaging or printed cardboard packaging there are literally hundreds of options. Our experience as packaging manufacturers means we guarantee to provide the packaging solution to fit your packaging requirements.

Traditionally a CD has been packaged in CD cases, usually 125mm square, such as a CD jewel case or a CD safe box. Likewise a DVD case is normally used to hold a DVD, however there is no reason not to mix the two. A DVD case can impart higher perceived value to a CD and conversely a CD case will often reduce the cost of a DVD project. Plastic has until recently been the material of choice due to it’s lightweight yet strong construction and good value to features ratio. A plastic Amaray style DVD case can be cheaply branded with the addition of a printed sleeve and is big enough to hold a booklet in addition to multiple discs. More recently cardboard packaging has proved popular due to the reduced environmental impact of, for example a lancing pack or Digipak. In addition the feel of paper and card imparts a higher tactile pleasure than the often low grade plastic used in budget DVD cases. As CD cases for music are often discarded due to space saving considerations then why not either provide something that is fairly disposable such as a cheap PVC wallet or go completely the other way with unique CD packaging that will be as desirable as the contents?

Where do you start with CD or DVD cases?
Let us suggest that you consider a few initial questions, from those answers we can help build the perfect CD packaging or DVD packaging solution for your requirements.

If you are packaging a disc then what are you using the CD or DVD for?
Retail, Direct Mail, promotional give away or is it a special edition or part of a box set? Maybe a corporate presentation or brand guidelines, an exclusive software edition or a training DVD or language CD? The way in which you package a product will help convey the message your content is delivering even before the disc is played. A CD case designed with thought and strong packaging design will impart a sense of quality and anticipation.

What quantity of packaging do you require?
The more you do, the more cost effective cardboard packaging is, if you are producing fewer or your pack needs to hold more discs then something off the shelf may be better. But whether you require 50 CD cases for a band demo or 50,000 DVD cases for a DM project, it often helps to consult our sales team, and make the most of our unbiased advice and years of packaging experience. As well as all standard DVD cases and CD packaging at our disposal we can create something tailor made for your project.

What is the value of the product?
You don’t want to package something that costs hundred of pounds in something commonly associated with a ‘give away CD or DVD’. Conversely a DVD case costing 5 times the amount of the CD it holds is not always the best choice for a promotional.

What size and how many items should it carry?
A5, A4, 4pp, 6pp, 8pp; 1 disc, 1, 4 or 10? Perhaps a printed ring binder with CD binder inserts would be an option if the disc is accompanying documents. DVD cases are the most versatile when it comes to holding a number of discs, with off the shelf DVD cases being able to hold up to 12 discs in something the size of an old VHS tape. As packaging manufacturers we are able to make something to fit your exact requirements if a custom DVD packaging or CD packaging option is not available. Bespoke packaging is often very cost effective on larger run sizes even compared to off the shelf DVD packaging.

What material?
Card, tin, plastic, recycled, recyclable or FSC board?
Some materials can help give an immediate impression of high quality and high value, such as tin. Reverse board on the other hand can give an impression not only of value but also of sustainability, especially if it is recycled or FSC board. A DVD case can be manufactured from a number of environmentally sustainable materials, not just card.

The main point to consider is that we are here to help in your choice of CD cases or DVD cases, so do not allow yourself to be blinded by choice. If you see something that you like, just pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly sales staff and let them safely navigate you through the DVD packaging and CD packaging maze.

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