CD Packaging – Is It More Important Than Content?

CD Packaging – Is It Sometimes More Important Than Content?

Marketing a DVD or CD is a science. While many take the business perspective of marketing and admit that marketing is a vital activity to the media business, they often miss the consumer side of it. The marketing information on the case is often more important than the actual contents when selling a CD or DVD. Consumers rely on DVD packaging to help them choose which to buy. They will often judge whether or not they would like to listen to a certain album based on the CD packaging. It is easier for them to use the packaging of a disc to make their purchase decision because they cannot use the contents when it is something that they have never watched or listened to. Therefore it is important that companies know what to put on their CD packaging and their DVD packaging.

CD packaging should include some very vital information that assist the consumer in making their purchasing decision. This can go far beyond just a listing of the songs contained on the album. Consumers often need info that some companies do not usually consider putting on the CD packaging, such as the date the album was released. This information can be found on some CD packaging, but not all. The date may help the consumer know whether or not the CD contains the music that they are looking for. Sometimes they do not remember the title of a certain song but are quite aware of the year when it was released. This is especially important for the CD packaging of albums made by artists who have had a long career and made many releases.

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There is also specific information that should appear on DVD packaging. This can include the date of release, but it is not limited to that. Most DVD packaging includes a little information about the story line of the movie and the names of the major actors. Consumers tend to find this very helpful. It is hard for a consumer to decide whether or not to buy a movie that they have not seen if they do not even know what it is about. If a movie has been greatly publicised it might be a good idea to make sure that the picture on the packaging is of one of the major scenes that were used in the promotion of the movie. That way consumers can easily recognise the movie and be sure that they are buying the right one.

It does not matter how great the contents are of a DVD or CD if the packaging is not attractive enough to make people want to buy it. They might pass up the opportunity to make the purchase and never get to appreciate the DVD or CD for its true value. Companies that are wise enough to know what to include on their DVD packaging and CD packaging are sure to make a lot more sales than those who do not.