CD Tin, DVD Tin Containers, Tin Packaging

Tins are a popular packaging option for an exclusive gift, product launch or collector’s additions.

Tin packaging comes in circular, rectangular or square in a range of sizes and depths, the ‘off the shelf’ tins can be used to hold 1 or more discs, USBs and paper parts.
They can be labelled or printed according to budget and taste, as well as embossed and spot colour printed.
Low volume runs can be branded using dome resin labels. This means that even for fast turnaround projects involving a small number of tins we can provide a bespoke printed solution. If you need to send your corporate presentation to 10 board members and you want it to stand out, then a dome resin printed CD tin could be your answer.
For larger runs of tins with a longer lead time, a CD or DVD tin can be litho printed in full colour with full coverage and made to measure. This means we can create exactly the right tin to package your product or promotion. From standard shapes such as lunch boxes, sweet tins to metal film canisters and beyond.

Consider budget, lead time, quantity and size and call us for advice, we have been producing tin containers for over ten years.

Circular CD Tin: 120 mm diameter and 10mm or 18mm deep, perfect for 1 -10 discs, nestling on a foam base. As a tin container the circular tin can also be used for a variety of other uses, from packaging promotional sweets to eye-catching circular printed material.

DVD Tin: Purpose made for that exclusive DVD, this tin container can fit a DVD booklet and hold up to 10 DVDs. What could be classier than a collectors DVD set packaged in tin packaging?

Tin Lunch Box: These are a popular product to house almost anything from disc to food and we ensure that all tin containers we manufacture are fit for purpose, food safe and comply with strict ROHS regulations. Our tin containers can be cut to any dimensions and full colour printing at manufacturing ensures edge to edge printing for a professional look.

Rectangular Tin: Hinged lid or lid and base types, with a purpose built plastic inner tray or metal disc stud. These tins can be dome printed, screen printed or embossed. A tin container like this has a myriad of uses beyond disc packaging, ideal for premium products or exclusive executive gifts.
If your product won’t fit, we’ll make tin packaging specially for it!

USB Tin: These tin containers are designed specifically as USB packaging and can be screen printed, domed printed or come with a clear window to view the USB . The promotional USB is housed on a foam base with a recessed area for the USB to sit into, these tins can also house a lanyard and other USB accessories.