Custom Packaging Solutions

There are times when standard printed card packaging wont fit the bill, and if you are considering something a little more special, then a bespoke presentation box is an option worth looking at. We can manufacture bespoke packaging from cardboard or a variety of other materials. Cardboard packaging can be used to create bespoke boxes to contain and display discs, booklets and other items. A custom made CD or DVD base can be manufactured to fit inside the bespoke boxes to contain a multitude of objects in addition to discs.
We also manufacture 2000- 2500 micron DVD books, optionally wrapped in leather to give a stylish classic hard backed book CD pack creating undeniable shelf appeal for packaged discs.
Embossing, debossing, foil blocking and wraps made from alternative materials can be used to create truly unique and beautiful custom packaging. If you are trying to create a lasting impression or want a product to stand out from the rest, call us for advice.

Card and board are not the only materials that are available, vacuum formed packaging is ideal for creating a box to hold unique combinations of items such discs, USBs, books and items for which packaging doesn’t currently exist.
Custom made PVC and perspex packaging can be used, instead of or in conjunction with card to create innovative and premium looking packaging to cater for the most exclusive brands.

We don’t just package CD and DVD, with years of bespoke packaging experience, working with some of the countries leading brands, we have developed a reputation for being able to provide all types of packaging solutions from binders and folders for credit cards, to menu holders, custom tin lunch boxes, presentation packs housing everything from car keys, toys, food, clothing, and much more.

Cardboard engineering is the art of constructing cardboard packaging in 3 dimensions either to package a product or to display print in an innovative way. Cardboard engineering can also be used to create packs that have unique moving mechanisms. Slider packs, pop up packs and multilayered secret compartments within boxes invoke real interest in a product and offer a solution that will create a lasting impression and intrigue the recipient, creating a feeling of having received something truly exclusive. Contact us to see what we can do to help create that unique packaging experience.

The size and type of packaging will dictate the weight or measurement of board, type of wrap, fastening, construction and finish and our expertise will guide you effortlessly to the perfect solution for your project.

Imagination is the key, but experience will help turn that idea into a reality.

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