Direct Mail Packaging

CD & DVD projects that are specifically for Direct Mail deserve special packaging consideration.
The weight and thickness of direct mail packaging is naturally very important as the mailing costs are often the highest single cost element, so card packaging would be ideal. In addition to this the direct mail fulfilment costs can often be reduced with carefully thought-out packaging, for example why package a CD mailer in an envelope when you can design something that will do the job of both. A disc mailer that has space for an address label and is made with perforated easy tear access makes an ideal CD mailer with reduced fulfilment costs.
Here are some examples of what would make an ideal CD direct mail solution.

Lancing packs: 4pp as standard, but 6 page or 8 page can be made, these packs are a light weight 300 micron single side coated card, usually printed in full colour (4 colour process CMYK) and machine or gloss varnished, the CD or DVD will be held in a pocket and the pack closed or roll folded if using a 6pp or 8pp version.
Maltese cross mailer: Made from the same material as the CD lancing packs, these packs offer 5 panels of print on both sides, are folded around the disc or Card and sealed with a tuck in flap or clear circular sticker.
PokerPak: An undersized A5 sized 4pp or 6pp pack that will post easily in an A5 letter, this is an elegant option allowing for a large amount of text or instructions. The disc is held securely in a purpose made pocket.
Card wallets: The most popular form of packaging for Newspaper and Magazine covermounts and other forms of promotional discs, this is the most cost effective printed packaging solution. Due to demand, we now produce our card wallets from a mixture of FSC certified and recycled card.
Stud packs: These packs card be a single thickness card, the Disc sits on a foam or plastic CD button, 4pp gate folded or 6pp to 8pp roll folded options offer another cost effective packaging option.

Creativity can be applied though to enhance the impact on the recipient and stop the mail from ending up being posted in the bin.
We can brand your outgoing and return envelopes, printing in single colour up to 4 colour process in any size while advising you on how to reduce the overall production and mailing costs.
We are a specialist in direct mail CD fulfilment and have the experience to ensure that the maximum success and ROI is achieved from your project.
Whether posting in the UK using Royal Mail or downstream mail, or overseas as direct entry, we can ensure your fulfilment goes smoothly, is cost effective and gets to where it needs to go on time and on budget.