DVD Cases, CD Cases

Generally, off the shelf packaging is the most cost effective way of presenting a disc. This is due to economies of scales in manufacturing. CD cases, DVD cases, Cshells and plastic CD sleeves will always be available in stock and ideal for the majority of projects under 1000 units with or without printed paper parts.

Plastic CD wallets & Self adhesive plastic wallets. The most common and cheapest CD & DVD packaging option available. The humble Poly propylene wallet and PVC wallet comes in tamper proof options, self adhesive options for CDs that are accompanying books and magazine publications, Tyvek backed to prevent scratching and multi disc options.
We can also manufacture wallets to your exact specification to suit any requirement.
Binder CD inserts are pecifically made for packaging bulk discs or CD jewel case packed discs into ring binders, single, double or 4 and 8 discs binder inserts are available to provide packaging for DVD and CD alongside A4 or A5 sheets and into document binders.

CD Jewel Cases Or the ‘Album’ CD case as it has become known , this prolific packaging type has been around since the CDROM itself. Single, double, slim line, maxi single, multiway cases to house a number of discs are available. They hold printed booklets & inlay cards or J-Cards. Commonly used for packaging audio CDs for retail, they are also popular with corporate CDs, software and can of course be used instead of DVD cases as DVD packaging.

In addition to being used as a CD case, jewel case rear trays are also available to hold SIM cards, credit cards and USB. There are also mini 8CM CD as well credit card CD jewel cases available to cover all CD packaging eventualities.

Clam shell & CShell: Made from a rigid polypropylene; clear, opaque and in a variety of colours, these rounded disc packs are perfect for mailing due their light weight yet rigid construction. They are also ideal as DVD packaging for corporate information discs, given away at exhibitions or events. Cost effective DVD case for 1 or 2 disc options.
CD Trigger packs: Also referred to as ejector packs or vario packs, the trigger mechanism comes in a variety of colours and they also have an accessory available for insertion into binders or on Euro clips as well as a booklet accessory for holding CD paper parts, making them a highly versatile and distinctive CD case that is a good alternative to Jewel Cases or the CShell and is also a good replacement for the DVD case.

DVD Cases: Also called DVD boxes or DVD Amaray cases after the original maker of what we commonly associate with DVD packaging. They come in clear, opaque and in a variety of colours to carry anything from 1 to 12 discs. With a clear plastic outer sleeve to hold a printed DVD wrap and clips inside to accommodate a booklet (though not on all types) these boxes are available in 7mm spine slim versions, standard 14mm singles, doubles and triples and a whole host of variants to accommodate up to 12 discs. The DVD case is the de-facto standard DVD packaging for retail discs.

CD Safe Case: Very much like the DVD case in construction, these are similar in size to a CD jewel case and can house a large manual if a 28pp booklet in a jewel case isn’t enough. They have an outer wrap similar to the DVD case and are an ideal, more robust alternative to the jewel case. These come in 1 & 2 disc varieties.

Blu-Ray Cases: Although manufactured specifically for Blu-Ray discs, these cases can house any disc. Like DVD and CD cases, these Blue boxes are also available in multidisc varieties.
DVD Carry cases: Also called Kid Boxes, these DVD cases have handle and come in a variety of colours to offer a fun and more portable option for children and adults alike.
Bio Box: A DVD case that is not only made from recycled PP while still being EN71 toy standard and safe for children, this box is both recyclable and Bio Degradable.
Super Jewel boxes: Slim line, CD sized or the Super Jewel Box King for DVDs, these crystal cases are an up market, robust jewel case that adds a more sophisticated look and feel to a disc. Often favoured by games manufacturers, this is a higher end CD jewel case option for that more exclusive product. Used as DVD packaging it offers a much higher quality feel than standard DVD cases. They are also available in 1 or 2 disc variants.
Vacuum Formed Packaging Some configurations are available off the shelf or alternatively a custom tool can be made to manufacture a pack to hold discs, booklets and other items to your specifications.

It wouldn’t be right not to mention (in the context of the CD case) the CD Calendar case; made from the same material and often confused, these cases are design specifically to fold over at 270 degrees to house desk top calendars; the calendar case dimensions are 9mm x 126mm x 142mm.
Other sizes available are: round: 125mm diameter and landscaped: 8mm x 111mm x 191mm

Trim Pack: 4mm spine, clear polyprop case, lightweight and rectangular, these are a perfect CD case for direct mail, without the extra cost associated with having to use a padded envelope. Similarly to the Cshell, these packs are robust enough to protect a CD while in transit.
Fetish Cases: These pimpled, rubber and perfectly round two piece cases come in a variety of colours and are a uniquely tactile form of CD packaging for the more adventurous. Have fun searching for this product on Google!
Gel Packs: Also referred to as Aqua Packs, these funky liquid filled CD plastic wallets can be printed, the liquid pantone matched and even filled with shapes. An unusual CD case for a unique effect, a million miles away from jewel cases.

Whether CD packaging for an audio CD or corporate presentation, or DVD packaging for retail DVD or a give away, these cost effective, quick and simple packaging solutions are ideal. Off the shelf CD cases will fit most requirements for disc packaging and due to manufacturing volumes are a very cost effective way of packaging discs.
We stock DVD cases and CD cases from original brands such as Amaray, Scanovo, M-Lock, Dering, AMPS and many more, to less well known and bespoke plastic packaging.

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