CD Inserts & CD Inlay Printing

We supply the cases, so of course we provide the paper parts to go inside and around.
Traditionally, CD inserts and DVD case inserts are either offset (litho) or digitally printed in 4 colour process (CMYK) onto 130-150gsm silk paper. Small runs with short lead times will be digitally printed in 24 hours and larger runs with a longer lead time can be printed in 3 to 5 days.

CD Booklets & CD Inlay Cards: 2pp to 28pp, the pp refers to printed pages (as opposed to printed sheets) can be printed single sided in 4 colour process (referred to as 4/0) or on both sides (4/4) or 4 colours 1 side and a single process colour on the reverse (4/1). When printing on more than one side for CD inlay cards, it is of course necessary for the discs to be packaged with CD cases that have clear trays.
Although there is often confusion between these various terms, CD inlay is the term used for the back tray liner card and CD insert refers to the booklet.
5.4mm slim CD jewel cases will take the standard size for a CD booklet (though not as many pages) but there is no room for the inlay card.

DVD Sleeves & DVD Booklets: The same methodology applies as with CD paper parts although DVD sleeves (sometimes referred to as a DVD wrap) goes around the outside between the clear plastic sleeve and the DVD cases.
7mm slim DVD cases are similar to the CD equivalent in that an outer sleeve is used but there is no space for a booklet.
Multi disc boxes have variations on these themes with some taking booklets and some not, some multicase packaging is the same outer size as a standard 14mm DVD case so will take the same DVD sleeve but often the larger capacity cases have a wider spine.

J-Cards: Used in conjunction with maxi single cases for audio CD singles. This paper part is a little unusual in that it is not completely rectangular when unfolded, the folded section is slightly wider than the square front piece. Not as common as they once were but still a recognised form of packaging for the music CD single .

Printed paper parts for CD are sometimes referred to as CD sleeves but this term is more commonly used for CD card wallets or for card sleeves to contain a standard CD jewel case. As with a great deal of print terminology there is often lots of confusion. If you are unsure as to what the paper part you require is called then contact us for clarification.

All paper parts can be printed with additional pantone or pms colours, but this is not standard and will generally increase cost.

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