Printed Cardboard Packaging for Discs

There are a number standard DVD & CD card packaging types available and due to their popularity they provide cost effective solutions even on lower run sizes (500+). They are generally made of a 300 micron single side coated board and, more recently, often made from recycled or a mix of recycled and FSC board. Cardboard packaging is both quick to produce and on higher volumes often works out less expensive than some plastic CD packaging.
Offset printed in 4 colour process (CMYK) with a machine varnish as standard, lead times can be as short as 5 working days and templates are readily available for 1 and 2 disc, CD & DVD types as well as USBs.

We not only package discs of course: promotional USB flash memory , business cards, credit cards, SIM Cards and SD Cards make up just some of the more commonly packaged items that we have been asked to create packs for.
If your requirement is not met by the choice of our standard cardboard packaging then we can create bespoke packaging to your exact requirements.

To give a standard Card DVD pack or CD printed pack more personality we can use the uncoated side to give the printed CD pack a rustic earthy feel. A matt or gloss laminate, spot gloss UV will also make a huge difference in look and feel, adding impact without impacting too much on price.

The standard cardboard packaging range for discs includes:

Digipak CD & DVD digipak
Made from a double thickness 300 micron, single sided board, die cut, folded and glued with a tray to hold the disc, the Digipak (sometimes spelt Digipack) is a popular option for audio CD Album releases or corporate discs and a good alternative to standard CD or DVD packaging. The Digipak can have 4, 6, 8 pages or more. Digipak trays come in 1 or 2 disc options and multiple trays can be glued into multipanel packs, making the Digipak an incredibly versatile and cost effective packaging solution.

Pillow boxes
These offer a popular cost effective promotional USB packaging as flash memory tends to come in a wide range of shapes and size. Also known as pillow packs these are made from the ever flexible 300 micron printed card. 4pp versions are most common, but we can manufacture these with as many panels as required – call to get advice on what is possible.
Extra booklets printed on a 150gsm silk paper stock as standard can be glued or saddle stitched into any pack 4pp and above to give extra print area at a cost effective price.

Cardboard CD sleeves
The favourite option for covermount CD & DVD. Simple, effective, quick to produce and very cost effective DVD and CD cardboard packaging. CD sleeves are often used for promotional CD and marketing material on DVD where cost and weight are an important consideration. By far the most popular packaging option for discs and as litho printed cd sleeves can be produced in 3 days, even duplication runs can benefit from this cost effective card packaging.

Lancing packs
Sometimes referred to as a double disc card wallet when housing a disc on either side or also gate fold wallets. The lancing pack makes a good cost effective alternative to the Digipak.

Stud packs, Soft packs & ROM wallet
Similar to lancing packs but offering a different way for the disc to be housed and a double thickness card in the case of the rom wallets, these offer a slightly more rigid option for products that have a longer shelf life and need a more robust but still a cost effective packaging solution. Almost as solid in construction as the Digipak but not as expensive to produce. Add more exclusivity and protection by matt or gloss lamination.

Clam Boxes
A more robust card hinged box, these are constructed from a 1000-1500 micron board, wrapped in a printed wrap often laminated or spot varnished. Other types of wraps like a faux leather, suede, or PVC can be used. These boxes are very popular for special edition discs or exclusive disc products. These boxes come in various depths to house additional discs, manuals or other items as well as discs. To go that extra distance we can emboss, deboss and foil block clam boxes.

Jake Box
Flip type pack that offers funky elegant way of presenting the disc.

DBS Pack (Disc Box Slider)
A light weight card box to house a CD or DVD, ideal for a product that is distributed in a variety of ways, these are light enough to be mailed cost effectively while offering an elegant enough look and feel for a retail disc.

Standard CD Paper Sleeves
Ideal for CDs packaged in books or magazines; plain paper envelopes either with or without clear acetate windows and self adhesive backs and flaps make a very cost effective standard off the shelf disc packaging option.

A good tip to help you choose the right type of packaging is to ask yourself the following questions before you start:

  1. What is my quantity and per unit budget?
  2. What have I got to package and therefore what size do I need?
  3. Do I need a multi layered box or a bespoke base tray?
  4. What material do I want to use?
  5. Do I have any environmental considerations?
  6. How will it be closed and fastened?
  7. What finish would I like? Matt, Gloss, spot gloss?
  8. How do I want to Brand my package? Emboss, Deboss, Foil Block, print or a combination of these?
  9. Will a combination of materials be an option? Card outer box, foam insert to house fragile or electronic items?

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